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Calories In v Calories Out

Calories In v Calories Out

That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Count your calories in and work out what your calories out are, and all should be fine…should be, could be, isn’t really.

If this was being tracked by an expert with exactly the foods to eat and the exact exercise to do, then this could work but for the general population who don’t have this facility, it doesn’t work.

So why doesn’t it work….

Rather than increasing calories out (which is more movement/exercise) people opt for reducing calories, which is okay if you are removing excess calories or calories from processed foods.

Often though people keep the food that they ‘love’ maybe alcohol and cakes and then work the rest of their calories around those. This leaves them undernourished and hungry, listless and moody.

This method doesn’t encourage any change in behaviour, there isn’t a lesson in foods that give the best nutrients to the body or any teaching about how to prepare and serve foods differently and in a way that they may enjoy them.

Calorie restrictive diets are renown for not working. Calorie restrictive behaviour is not a sustainable method for a diet and once the goal or the method can’t be carried on anymore the person goes back to their original habits for eating and the weight comes back on and often more weight comes on

Another option is to exercise a lot more, addictively to lose weight. This is a false method too because when you exercise more you are hungrier and you need to feed this hunger.

What would work….

A combination of eating more moderately and taking moderately more exercise. Ideally, the best way would be to look at what you eat and remove all processed foods and excess foods from your diet.

Look at your portion sizes and be honest with yourself, do you suffer from portion distortion and eat more than you think or need. Take a good look.

If you are doing some exercise then increase either your frequency, intensity, time or change to another type of exercise.

If you’re not doing any exercise start with 30 minutes walking every day.

Remember though, your body didn’t become the shape it is in overnight. Your consistent and persistent behaviour resulted in being overweight and deconditioned, small increments every day soon created this.

BUT you can turn it around with consistent and persistent small changes to what you eat and the size of what you eat and committing to 30 minutes exercise every day.

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