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Amanda Frolich
I am a dynamic and fun loving educator who influences children to be fit and healthy through high energy activities. Bio Amanda Frolich is an award-winning celebrity children’s entertainer and CEO of Amanda’s Action Club, the world’s most fun, physical development concept teaching preschool children how to be healthy and active from an early age.   Having spent 28 years working within the early years sector she was invited by the Children’s Activity Association to become the Children’s First Champion in Parliament, encouraging policymakers to put children first at the heart of all decision making. Her global animation TV series featuring Action Amanda on different missions in a world of endless possibilities and adventure is well on its way to helping Amanda achieve her life-long impact vision.  This Wonder Woman is certainly one to watch!


Copy my moves whilst learning at the same time. Suitable for children under 5 years of age.

What to Bring

The props are not a necessity. You can either make them yourself or purchase a similar items online.