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Alison Graham is a personal fitness trainer from North London who specialises in transforming the lives and fitness of women over the age of 40. Her own journey to fitness began when she was 37 and decided to ditch her unhealthy lifestyle by exercising. Not only did she never look back, she decided to become a personal fitness trainer herself!

“I love it when my clients can do so much more than they thought they could” – Alison

What makes Alison tick?

“I get great enjoyment and feel great when I exercise and I wanted to share that with more people, so I became a PT. I want the world to feel great,” she says.

“For me the name personal trainer is very much about being personal. I love training clients and my sessions are focused around that person, their goals, desires and skills. I love it when my clients can do so much more than they thought they could…..and that can be a true game changer for them.”

Favourite piece of equipment

My TruFit suspension trainer, or my skipping rope, or my CMT or body weight…..too hard to choose.

Best piece of health & fitness advice

Good sleep, stay hydrated, speak kindly to yourself, protein and vegetables (don’t be afraid to eat) and do exercise that raises your heart rate.

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